Survivor Love Letter is a movement for survivors of sexual assault and their allies to publicly celebrate their lives. It was started by filmmaker and activist, Tani Ikeda in 2012 on the anniversary of her rape where she penned a letter to her younger self that ended with the words:

“this is my survivor love letter.”


Since then, #SurvivorLoveLetter has rippled out and become a hashtag, a letter writing campaign, a national mural project, and a viral social movement.  These letters have immersed thousands of survivors with the message that not only are they believed, not only are they supported, they are loved. This year, Survivor Love Letter is expanding into letter writing workshops, live performances and monumental augmented reality murals that celebrate some of the world's most beloved sexual assault survivor leaders.

#SurvivorLoveLetter was featured in: Teen Vogue, Buzzfeed, Seventeen Magazine, Mic, UpWorthy, Cosmopolitan, Huffington Post, Everyday Feminist, The Telegraph, Refinery 29 and more 



Founder & CEO:
Tani Ikeda

Survivor Love Letter Tour Producer:
Nik Zaleski

Partnering Mural Organization & Fiscal Sponsor:

O Positive

VR & AR producers:
Evan Pachon,
Kevin Tsukii and Emblematic Group

Identity & Website Design:
Morcos Key