Dear You,

You are your own best support system.

I want you to remember that.



are the only one
who has been there
through everything.

From even before him
when you faced a
schoolyard full of wolves

when eyes like magnets
followed the swish of your skirt

when hands found their way across your chest

when you didn’t ask for it

when you never asked for any of this.

You have been there through the darkness,
through the nightmares
that were really just memories of him.


You were there for me when I was with him
and his breath and his chest and the way he blocked out the sun.

You held me through the loneliness,
through the nights I prayed to the moon
that I would wake up underwater.

Beautiful, blooming, and bruised
you survived this.

You lived through this.

When your mother stopped saying your name.

When your brother grew angry from confusion.

When the love of your life
couldn’t understand
why you were crying from
the sound of his
belt unbuckling.

You are still here.

Thank you.

Thank you for braving each day,
for embracing the sunrise
again and again.

You are so beautiful.

I love you with all of my heart.