Dear Girl Unfound,

The one thing I have always tried to convince you is that you did not cause this. You are the strongest person I know. To be able to go through five assaults in the end with cops telling you that you were lying. No one deserves to have this happen to them but you powered through. There have been mental and physical repercussions from these awful instances but nothing that you can’t handle. You will power through and come out on top like you always have because you are a beautiful strong lady. Not only have you gone through the steps to be well but you also stopped doing the things that made all that pain go away. You are concurring your fears, living a healthy life, and being the best you can possibly be. NO ONE can take this away from you. You deserve this life you are living. Be well. Be strong. Trust in your higher power. Be free.
Love you so much, 
Girl Unfound

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