Dear Roommate,

Dear Roommate,

A little over two years ago you approached me to help you make a documentary about sexual assault survivors and rape culture. You came out as a survivor to thousands of people when you released the short film, and became a beacon of support to other survivors. In turn, you were inspired to continue the work as a non-profit.

Every day I watch you receive messages from victims, survivors, people questioning their experiences, and perpetrators that are remorseful in their actions. Every day I watch you celebrate yourself and the incredibly brave and strong people around you.

But I also know you have received so much hate. So many harsh words, insults, and threats, just because you are a woman speaking your mind on a difficult subject online. You have found humor in the trolls, but I know there must be messages that even you wish you hadn’t read.

I am in awe of you. I cannot help but marvel at the way that you have reclaimed your body, your sexuality, and your empathy to become a beacon of hope in others’ lives. You work tirelessly and thanklessly. And while I know your work has been celebrated before, I don’t think you can ever be told enough how important and magical you are.

Dear roommate, will you be my Valentine? We can watch cheesy shows on Netflix and drink wine in a night of self-love as you decompress from your daily war.

Don’t ever stop being amazing, because I will never stop being amazed by you.