Dear Siobhan,

It had nothing to do with you. There was nothing base or common about you, nothing filthy or vulgar inside you that made it inevitable. The only thing connecting you with the horrible, disgusting thing he did… was opportunity.

It could have been anyone. It could have been any woman whose life he charmed his way into. It could have been any woman’s daughter he expelled his own depravity upon. It just happened to be you. Innocent, vulnerable, love-starved you.

He had to use you, abuse you, and make you feel small… so that he could feel big. He is the most pathetic kind of human being.

You deserved to be protected. You deserved to be believed. You deserved to be rescued. That everyone in your life failed you is a testament to their weaknesses, not to your unworthiness.

No one has the right to exercise their desires on your body; no one has the right to lay a finger on you; no one has the right to even enter your space without your express permission.

It does not matter that you were confused. It does not matter that you didn’t say “no.” He masterfully put the doubt in your mind. He knew exactly what he was doing.

This is the truth.

He wanted to snuff out your flame, but you exploded like fireworks.

And as long as you love you, the ways in which others have failed you and may continue to fail you will not have to matter.

You are your own champion. You are your own hero.

You are a survivor.

Love, Me