Dear survivor, 

Even the smallest gestures of intimacy are big for you now, and you are brave for being able to trust someone with those small gestures. It takes a lot, and you should be proud that you can take part in those gestures. You are loved by those around you, and yes not everyone is going to get it. To the ones who don’t get it, cut them out of your life. You don’t need that energy. Surround yourself with positive people because those are the ones you can count on at 3 am in the morning over video chat. The road of recovery is never easy, but it’s worth it. Take pride in the little things. Baby steps are what’s going to build up to bigger things. Each day, you’ll grow little by little from a caterpiller in a cocoon to a beautiful butterfly. You are worth it, and yes it’s hard to tell yourself that everyday. But know that you are worth it no matter what. You are worthy of being loved, you are worthy of someone who is just as great as you are, and you are worthy of being respected. 


a fellow survivor