Dear Survivor,
I’m with you….today and always. I know your fears. I know your pain. I know your doubts. I’ve felt the same misplaced shame. I’m walking the path you’re on. You’re not alone. I’m in front of you to guide, beside you to strengthen, and behind you in case you fall, as so many others have done for me. And, I am so, SO sorry for what you’ve endured. But, I want you to know it doesn’t have to be what endures. It doesn’t have to be what defines, confines, maligns, or resigns you to a life without joy. You are NOT what happened to you. You are strong. You are brave. You are beautiful. You are worthy. You are enough. You ARE a survivor. And, you matter. Yes, YOU….you matter!!! You deserve healing. You deserve to get your voice back. You deserve to break the shackles of shame and silence and secrecy. You deserve FREEDOM! I want you to know I believe you and I believe IN you, too. None of this was your fault. And, NONE of this has to be your future. You are capable of not only surviving, you are capable of thriving. You are capable of living a life of beauty despite the brokenness and a life of peace despite the pieces. And, that is my hope for you….a mind full of beauty and a soul full of peace – and, hope….always HOPE! Deep, deep breaths, courageous friend. You can do this. You can do this hard thing. You can overcome….just as you have already overcome much to get to this point so far. And, one day, you can write a letter just like this – a LOVE letter to other survivors, yes….but also to the one survivor who has lived within you all along. Take care of that precious one and take care of you too!
Love (and Hope!) Always,
Your Sister in Survival,