For those who still love the one(s) who hurt them,

I want you to listen carefully. This is a hard lesson, and one that I am still trying to learn. Your love for those who hurt you is not a weakness. It does not make you guilty of what they did to you. It does not mean you must forgive them. It does not mean there’s something wrong with you. Love is not something you can pick up and put down. It gets into your heart and stays there. Not all love is willing, nor deserved. It’s not always gushy and warm. It’s not always comforting. It may make you question your sanity or your decision to cut the person who hurt you off. Don’t let it. The fact that you love and that they betrayed you is not your fault. It’s theirs. Your love is strength. It is a signal that you have a heart, and that no matter what tragedy strikes, your heart refuses to harden. It’s okay to miss the person you thought they were. It’s okay to feel a loss over the parts of the friendship/relationship/etc. that were good and happy. They ruined that, not you. And your love is just proof that your heart is stronger than any harm that has come to you. 

A person who still loves, even the undeserving.