letting go

I honestly didn’t know if I had memories or bad dreams till I started therapy.Pieces fell together and I fell apart. Because of the neglect and abuse in my life I made a lot of wrong choices..it took a little longer to understand myself and what made me tick.

With therapy, forgiving my parents, one was a offender sexually the other mentally and the love of god ,I turned out a happy person. I have a job I love and a family that is strong and loving because I created it and nourished it the way a parent is supposed to.

I also left go of the guilt I have for not caring for my elderly father..He had 4 children and 6 grandchildren but has no one in his life. He made selfish choices that ended with him being alone

I believe we get in life what we put into it, I would go through everything bad I ha

Very endured in life to be where I am now!