Survivor to Survivor

I always wondered how you knew how to react.  You were so patient and comforting.  Never for one second did you doubt me or question me.  You never made me feel dirty or asked about my actions with guys at college.  You believed me with your whole heart and were my biggest supporter.  I remember you would ask for hugs and I said no, go ask mom.  I was so full of anger and took it out on you.  You never faltered, you never blamed, or questioned.  I never anticipated how fully you would embrace me and support me.  Then I learned your story and all the pieces fell into place.  You were so young and innocent, your resilience and success gives me hope.  You were a survivor helping a survivor and facing your open bleeding wounds at the same time.  In spite of and because of your deep wounds, you were able to help heal mine. You knew exactly what kind of unconditional support I so desperately needed.  Your strength is my inspiration.  Your resilience and ability to love without falter even after everything that happened. We are survivors together and we stand strong together. We will continue to weather this journey together, each faltering at times, but always ready to reach a hand out to the other.  I love you daddy.