Dear you,
Wherever you are right now, if you are reading this, you have had to endure one of the horrors of the world and are now probably trying to make some sense of it. No matter how old you were, be it 4, 14, 24 or 40, the likelihood is that you will blame yourself. So do me a favour, right now, pick up that blame, that shame, that embarrassment up off of your shoulders, and throw it, with all the might you can muster, at the face of the person who did this to you. Because that is where it belongs. Not with you, never with you.

Now, with that extra energy you will gain from removing that huge burden, I need you to remove from your life those people that stand in the way of your path to happiness. Those people that refuse to acknowledge your pain, those people that minimise your pain, and certainly those people that would sooner aid the perpetrator than the victim. You need good people on your side, and those people that are unwilling to take your side, to help you, to believe you, they don’t deserve even a second of your time.

Finally I want to say a little about love. If you loved the person that did this to you, if they were your family, your friend, even if you were romantically involved, that doesn’t make it your fault, and it doesn’t mean you need to keep the silence, and it doesn’t mean you need to forgive. Your love for them just shows their inability to love. And if you still love them now despite the past, that’s okay too. You’re allowed to love them and hate what they did, it just shows the strength of your heart. 
You will get through this.

Just a girl.

Tani Ikeda