To a Warrior

To a survivor…

                I don’t particularly like the word survivor. Some people do, and some people like the term thriver as well. I like the term warrior. Because you are not just a survivor or a thriver, you are a warrior. You have fought hard to get to where you are at today, and it’s important to know that there are an enormous amount of people here for you. You are a warrior and a fighter. You have been through something that many would not even be able to get out of bed from. And if you are unable to get out of bed at times, that’s fine too. You are just as much a warrior on your good days as you are on your bad ones. Of course, there are always bad days. And they will never make sense. The sun may be shinning, the weather may be perfect, you may be hanging out with friends, or just able to sit and lay around all day, and it will hit you. That overwhelming feeling that for some reason, what has happened to you will forever define you; that you are somehow lesser, worthless, and not whole. It will never define you, and you are just enough the way that you are, scars and all. You are not defined by what has happened to you, you are defined by whatever it is you want to be defined as. You are your own person and no one else’s. No one owns you. No one controls you. No one has the right to take anything away from you. You are a warrior and no matter what you will keep fighting. No one has a right to silence you. You can overcome anything that life throws at you, and you deserve to love and be loved, to cherish and be cherished, to live and live happily and to speak out and speak loudly. You are perfect in all your flaws and imperfections. Despite everything that has happened to you, you woke up today and, even if it’s tough, you are fighting for yourself, and that’s what is important.


Someone who cares and will always listen.