To little Diane,
I am so sorry that I didn’t remember ..that I didn’t know what our father did to you at 5,6,7 years old. I am sorry that I adored him all those years after. I am so very sorry that he did the horrible things he did to you honey. That should have never happened to you. You are a beautiful little girl, kind and sweet, worthy of being safe, whole and unharmed. None of this was your fault, you are not to blame. I love you very much. We are together now as one and I want you to play and laugh and have fun. I got you now, you don’t have to worry and be anxious anymore. You are not alone, Papa is here ..She is our power, our guide, our Father. He will never hurt us, never leave us. You can trust in that and in me. I LOVE YOU and I PROMISE.
Grown Diane

Tani Ikeda