To Those Of You Who Were Told You Were "Too Sexual" To Be A "Real" Survivor

Who were told that “it wasn’t really rape” because you were “asking for it” and “you dressed sluttily” and “who told you to go to that party anyway, play parties are too advanced for you”

Who were told that the fact that your immediate response to being raped was to immediately find other lovers - because you did not want her to be your first - meant that you must be “faking it”, because all survivors must hate sex, must shut down their bodies, must not desire

Who were told that you can’t possibly be kinky, or that your kinks are oppressing other survivors, or that you attempting to find some relief through active consent and control and choosing how somebody gets to hurt you and care for you afterwards means that you never really suffered to begin with

Who were told that your assailant can’t have possibly been female, can’t have possibly been queer, can’t have possibly been a known figure in the community, can’t have possibly be anyone else other than a scary guy in the bushes, otherwise how could you have been a victim at all, it's impossible

Who were told that in your line of work, sexual assault is part of the job description, because you always consent and never consent all at once

Who were not told that there was anyone with the same story as you, not told that you’re not alone, not told that your experience is just as real and true and valid as everyone else who speaks about survivorhood

- I see you.
I see you because I am you and I love you.